What Is Sacred G? (Video Presentation By Creator Cory Herter)


Sacred G Trance N Dance Video

Sacred G Protects Your Brain! (EMF Protection)

Sacred G Neutralizes Harmful Electromagnetic Fields Emitted By Your Cell Phone And Other Electronic Devices…

Using the “Sacred G” technology recently featured on MTV’s hit show, Rob and Big, www.FreeShield.net introduces the world’s first free protective cell phone shield.

When pro skateboarding megastar Rob Dyrdek coined the term “Sacred G” on a recent episode of MTV’s hit program Rob and Big, no one expected “Sacred G” to become the next big thing in the cellular phone market.

After visiting “Harry the Healer,” Dyrdek began experimenting with a brand new performance enhancing technology that he claims improves his skateboarding abilities.  This amazing technology creates a unique energy field that helps athletes stay “in the zone” and unlock new abilities.

This same “Sacred G” technology is now taking the cellular phone market by storm. Evidence shows that it helps neutralize harmful electromagnetic fields, or EMF radiation, that cell phones emit.  What’s more, this technology is now being distributed absolutely free of charge.

Perhaps you’ve wondered how cell phones might affect your health, especially whether studies linking their use to anxiety, depression, infertility, brain damage, and even cancer might be true.

Dr. George Carlos is a former head of research representing the cellular phone industry. After years of working for these big corporate interests, Dr. Carlos became a leading advocate for consumer protection from cell phone risks.  Dr. Carlos refers to the cellular industry’s studies as “scientific fraud” and warns consumers to beware of cell phone use. http://www.freeshield.net shares significant research and studies showing that cell phones may indeed be more harmful than you may have imagined.

FreeShield is a technology you can receive instantly and easily apply to your phone within minutes.  FreeShield uses “Sacred G” technology, which involves advanced mathematics and complex frequency equations. This technology generates a full spectrum vibration that is both balanced and stable. It is this full spectrum vibration that helps to harmonize and neutralize harmful frequencies such as those emitted by cell phones.  After using FreeShield protection, many cell phone users report reduced levels of stress, anxiety, and depression, and other improvements in their well being.

“This technology is so far outside the box,” says FreeShield founder, Craig Brockie “that we’ve been forced to address the skepticism from every angle possible, right up front.”  At www.FreeShield.net, Brockie has created a multi-media visitor experience that provides an in-depth explanation of why cell phone users need FreeShield and how the technology works. Brockie also teaches visitors how to test FreeShield to demonstrate that it actually works – even in double-blind studies.

FreeShield is just that: the world’s first free protective cell phone shield,” said Brockie. “The technology is free to download and free to use.” Users are encouraged to share FreeShield with their friends by email and create as many copies as they like to give away in person. Brockie is enthusiastic about FreeShield. “Our goal is to reach more than a million cell phone users by Christmas, but based on the response we’ve received so far, we might be there by the time school starts back up,” he said.

For more information, visit www.FreeShield.net.

Sacred G…Get Addicted!

The World’s First Performance Enhancement Product Made With State-Of-The-Art DNA Activation Technology Is Now Available

When pro skateboarding megastar Rob Dyrdek coined the term “Sacred G” on a recent episode of MTV’s hit show Rob and Big, no one expected “Sacred G” to become the next big thing in Sports Performance Enhancement.  Dyrdek began experimenting with a brand new technology that he claims improves his skateboarding skills, a new product that creates a unique energy field that helps athletes stay “in the zone” and unlock new abilities.

Other leaders in the world of X-treme sports were soon to follow.  Pro Jet Skier Michael Ratti, who found out about Sacred G from Rob, says, “Sacred G is not just a fad…it’s a revolution.”  After trying out Sacred G to enhance performance with his jet ski, Ratti contacted Sacred G wanting more.

Soon Sacred G entered the world of the Olympics thanks to Olympic medalist Catherine Garceau, synchronized swimmer and proud Sacred G enthusiast.  When asked about her experience with

Sacred G, she exclaimed, “If your going for the gold, get on Sacred G…get on as much as you can!”

Phrases like “Are you using Sacred G yet?” and “How much Sacred G are you on?” can be heard from the skateboard ramps of Los Angeles, to the swimming pools of the Olympic Games, to the Ice Hockey rinks of Canada, but even though over 12 million people

across North America have been exposed to Sacred G, no one really seems to know exactly what it is or how it works.  “This is part of the allure and attraction…it seems to work like magic,” says CFO Joshua Wenner, “the mystery is why so many people just have to have it.” Pro-skater Steve Berra, after witnessing Rob Dyrdek land a “Switch Laser,” one of the most difficult tricks in skateboarding which he had never landed before, was so blown away that all he could say about Sacred G was “Basically, Sacred G is cheating…it’s like taking steroids.”

Dr. Brent S. Rushall, Professor of Exercise and N

utritional Sciences at San Diego State University writes: “With each passing year, there are more and more athletes being caught taking banned chemicals/drugs that enhance sport performance. In the recent Tour de France, almost half of the urine samples indicated traces of banned substances.  The wholesale explosion of the chemical-enhancement industry…is fraught with dangers to which athletes are exposed. No one really knows what the long-term effects on health are of ingesting concentrated massive doses of refined chemicals.”

It is easy to mistake this state-of-the-art DNA Activation Technology for some kind of new performance enhancement drug, but only until the moment you try it.  Like meditation and visualization, tools that have been used to achieve peak performance for centuries, Sacred G is the perfect performance enhancement product. Can using Sacred G to alter physical and mental states be seen as an alternative to using chemicals to enhance sporting performance? Creator Cory Herter sure thinks so and

assures users that “there is no safer way to unlock the p

otential of the human body than by using Sacred G…my entire family uses it, including my two boys and our 3 pet turtles.”

When asked to explain the complex science behind this safe and easy to use performance enhancement technology, Cory usually just chuckles and says “I think Rob Dyrdek summed it up best with…Sacred G is the truth.”  http://www.SacredG.com shares success stories and significant re

search showing that Sacred G is in fact the safest and most reliable way to boost human performance. www.SacredG.com also has a FREE SAMPLE of the technology that visitors can download and instructions on how to test Sacred G

to demonstrate that it actually works – even in double-blind studies.

For more information, visit www.SacredG.com.

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